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WWE Raw Superstars

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Smackdown Superstars
WWE Raw Superstars

Raw Champions

Triple H

Triple H calls himself "The Cerebral Assassin." A furious competitor who's willing to change, break or ignore the rules to ensure victory, he claimed the title through raw determination. He has held onto it with an iron will and a refusal to give in to his enemies.

Shelton Benjamin

A dominant member of the Raw roster, Benjamin has made a fast rise to the top. After winning, then retaining, the IC title from Chris Jericho, he has proven himself a force to be reckoned with.

Trish Stratus

One of the most sultry WWE Divas, Trish has used her feminine wiles and sheer power in the ring to win and retain the Women's Championship.

sylvan GrEnier

A founding member of La Resistance, Grenier has battled long and hard. Now he stands tall as a WWE Tag Team Champion.

Rob Conway

Since joining La Resistance, Conway has become a rising star. After losing the Tag Team Championship, he quickly regained it two weeks later.

Raw Superstars